KKParent Introduction English
KKParent Introduction Spanish

Help Your Child At Home

You as Parent Must Guide Your Student Through Our Website to get the most out of these At Home Learning Opportunities.

Scroll over each Webpage on the Home Page so you can locate your Child’s Grade Level, Support Classes, ESL, Translations, and the Principal (Administration).

You can learn with your child! At Jackson, we consider Parents to be their child’s most important Teacher! There are just 4 easy steps to Co-Teach with your child’s Classroom Teacher.


1. To Co-Teach with us, watch-in order- each Lesson Video with your child. Then watch the Lesson PowerPoint. They are in a numbered order so you will stay on track. You will learn more quickly than your child.

2. WHEN YOU ARE READY, practice with your child.

3. THEN LET YOUR CHILD do the Independent Work alone. Check their work. If you have questions, email your teacher. Send photos of your child’s work. We’re here for you!

4. FOLLOW the Videos in order. We’ll help you each step along the way.

  1. Go to your child’s grade above. Ex: If your child is in kindergarten, choose kindergarten.
  2. Work through the Lesson Video and the PowerPoint videos in order.
  3. Work the assignments. Most assignments have an explanation video that will help you in English or Spanish.
  4. If you have a question or want your child’s teacher to give feedback, take a picture of your child’s work and any notes you want to add and send it to your teacher’s gmail account found on that grade’s Web page.Send a phone number and your teacher will give you a call about the work or questions.

Meet Dr. Cross

Dr. Cross works with Students to Provide Core Foundation Skills for Early Reading.


Nicholas Cross, Ph.D.,J.D., M.A.T., M.S.

ELL Specialist

Dr. Cross is an educator and author with a passion for teaching Kindergartners to Read and Think deeply.