Collaborate to Make a PowerPoint on YouTube
Make a YouTube Lesson Video On Your Teacher Computer

How to Make Power Points & Videos

Teachers Make PowerPoints by collaborating on GoogleSlides from your Grade Level BulldogsCan gmail. SEE THE POWERPOINT ON HOW TO COLLABORATE.

  1. Click the appropriate link in your Grade level gmail to get the video link to collaborate. Note if “Reading” or “Math”.
  2. When you have finished your Google Slide collaboration you will convert it to a PowerPoint then a Video which you will upload to YouTube.

Teachers make YouTube Videos to Explain Lesson Content right from their Teacher Computers. SEE THE POWERPOINT ON HOW TO MAKE & UPLOAD A YOUTUBE VIDEO from your Teacher Computer.

After you upload your video to YouTube, the Website Administrator will post that Video on your Grade Level Webpage on the website and your students and parents can go there or straight to your Lessons and Videos on YouTube as well.

NOTE: The Website Administrator adds posts every Sunday 6:00am, so have all PP and Videos uploaded by Saturday 12 midnight.

Teachers: Post a Photo and bio on your Grade Level Webpage if you want. Send your photo and bio as in the “Dr. Cross” example below to

Dr. Cross works with Students to Provide Core Foundation Skills for Early Reading.


Nicholas Cross, Ph.D.,J.D., M.A.T., M.S.

ELL Specialist

Dr. Cross is an educator and author with a passion for teaching Kindergartners to Read and Think deeply.